Beklemeto, Bulgaria

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Today I would love to share with you a photo I made at the monument near the Beklemeto Pass, Stara Planina mountain, Bulgaria.

It was a clear night, with a wonderful Milky Way perspective above us and I had a great company to share the night with. This shot was planned, to make a photo of the Milky Way one needs to go out during the new Moon, or close to that period or just find a time before the Moon rises. That night, the moon was near full, but we went there just in time before its rise in order to make few pictures.

Here you could find some additional info about the monument:

Near the Troyan Pass one could find the Monument of the Goraltepe Peak (1595 m), located 15 minutes east of the highest point of the Beklemeto Pass. It is reached by a narrow covered with asphalt road, from the southern side of the ridge, passing through the Kostov half-gorge area.

The monument is dedicated to the Russian liberators and the Soviet troops – the Transition of the Trojan Troops through the Stara Planina mountain and the battles in the beginning of January 1878 during the Russian-Turkish Liberation War and the Red Army, which entered Bulgaria in September 1944. It is a massive concrete construction with a height of 35 meters. On the arch through bas-reliefs are depicted Bulgarian haidouti and partisans (gorilla soldiers), as well as Russian and Soviet soldiers. They are symbolically represented with the bread and salt of women in Bulgarian folklore costumes, respectively in 1878 and 1944, which are clearly visible from the north side of the arch.

The monument is on a site from which to the north you can see the valleys of Beli Osam and Troyan and to the south you can see the sights of Sredna Gora, the Rhodope Mountains and the Rila Mountains, and to the East and West you can see the most famous peaks of the Stara Planina mountain and the highest peak on the same mountain, Botev peak.

Here’s the link to the monument in Google maps, it opens in a new tab:


© Damian Hadjiyvanov | Дамян Хаджииванов, Light Captured
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