Moody Evening

It was a cloudy late summer sunset and I was traveling in South Bulgaria when I saw this beautiful dead tree. Once I set my tripod and stood still, few storks landed on the biggest branches of the tree, obviously preparing themselves to spent the night and they decided, obviously correctly, that I am safe enough, so they posed for me and let me make as many images I wanted to. I decided to keep their anonymity and pictured out only their silhouettes. 😛

The only element I don’t like in the frame is the high-voltage electrical pole that could be seen in the background, the right-hand bottom part of the image. Generally, I avoid photoshoping my photos unless it is absolutely necessary.

This landscape photo is made with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera and with a classical portrait lens (yes, funny, but I love to experiment with as many techniques as possible), namely my Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM. In my humble opinion, that’s one of the best prime lenses Canon had made so far. Of course, I mostly use it for portraits but since it was with me, and the tree was not that close to me, it became the perfect choice for this photo shoot 😉

With regards to the location – I happened to be at the time of the sunset near Plovdiv, very close to the A1 highway. Bulgaria is one very beautiful country, both the nature and its people. However, due to some history specifics, we, the Bulgarians, are too patient, in my opinion and as a result, we are the poorest country in the European Union. By the way, Plovdiv is named European Union Culture Capital for year 2019. So if you haven’t planed yet, make up your plans for the next year and come to Bulgaria. 🙂


© Damian Hadjiyvanov | Дамян Хаджииванов, Light Captured
Pro photographer & visual artist and experimenter

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